• About Us

    As a leader in the cremation industry, our state-of-the-art facility along with our nationally recognized policies and procedures are designed to provide complete peace of mind to families who choose cremation.

  • History of Cremation

    Scholars today quite generally agree that cremation probably began in any real sense during the early Stone Age -- around 3000 B.C. -- and most likely in Europe and the Near East. In North America, modern cremation didn’t really start until the late 1800’s.

  • Cremation FAQs

    Becoming more educated regarding cremation will help you gain confidence in your decision-making process. Get answers to frequently asked questions about cremation.

  • Memorialization Products & Services

    Options for memorializing with cremation are limited only by the imagination. View our urn and memorialization offerings.

  • Selecting a Crematory

    One of the most important and irreversible decisions you will be making is where and how the actual cremation will take place. In order to achieve the peace of mind you deserve, you’ll need to have satisfactory answers to a few key questions.